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Nature Activities

Hiking. Biking. Camping. Horseback riding. History lessons. Interpretive programs. Get up-close and personal with plant and wildlife as you discover the area's historical parks. Each one offers its own distinct advantages. Select your destination, chart your course, and get to know why Amelia Island is an ecotourist's must-see. As you become party to the adventure of Amelia Island's State and National Parks and its key cultural sites, please be careful. A careless step could destroy a vital component in broadening our understanding of human history on the island. And remember: all plant and animal life, as well as cultural artifacts, are protected on Florida Parks.


Sports »

Anglers, campers, hikers, experienced canoers and kayakers make themselves at home at Amelia Island. Learn more »

Horseback Riding

Recreation »

Private charters can be employed for everything from a romantic sunset sail for two, to a full-tilt sail on a 100-foot schooner for parties up to 49. Learn more »

Studying at the Beach

Education »

Did you Know? Florida beaches bear the unique distinction of being home for 90% of all nesting sea turtles in the U.S. Learn more »

Bike Riding

Sight Seeing »

Whether you choose to become acquainted with Amelia by land, by air, by sea or by all three, the more you get to know Amelia Island, the more you'll want to know. Learn more »

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Drive Time:

  • Jacksonville 45 min
  • St Augustine 1 hr 30 min
  • Savannah 2 hrs
  • Orlando 3 hrs
  • Tampa 4 hrs
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