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Biking at Little Talbot Island

Visitors can bicycle throughout the park, whether you prefer to stay on the paved two and a half mile Park Drive, or ride along the hard packed sand of the beach. A limited number of bicycles are available for rent at the Ranger Station.

Ecomotion Tours is one of Talbot Islands State Parks’ service providers operating on Little Talbot Island and nearby Fort George Island. Ecomotion Tours uses Segway transporters to provide an enjoyable and modern way of touring. Segways are two-wheeled, battery-powered devices that respond to the way you lean. These eco-friendly transporters are quiet and easy on the trails, providing a wonderful way to explore nature without disturbing its inhabitants. You will be equipped with a wireless headset so our guides can point out the fascinating plant and animal life along the trails.

Ecomotion Tours provides helmets, orientation and training to ensure everyone has a relaxed and safe experience. No experience is necessary, but there is a minimum age requirement (13 years old) and a weight requirement (between 100-250lbs). An adult must accompany riders under the age of 18. All guided trips include instruction, interpretation, bottled water, and a snack. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.

The tour on Little Talbot Island is a 5-mile trip through a mature maritime forest that leads to the beach. You will enjoy watching the true beauty of a coastal hammock unfold as your cross-terrain Segway transports you along this amazing island trail. This trip departs from the north parking lot of Little Talbot Island and will last about 2.5 hours.

Visit Ecomotion Tours for schedules and call 904-251-9477 to make reservations.

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Drive Time:

  • Jacksonville 45 min
  • St Augustine 1 hr 30 min
  • Savannah 2 hrs
  • Orlando 3 hrs
  • Tampa 4 hrs
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